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crystal Igor Stagljar Laboratory
Department of Biochemistry
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St. George Campus

University College

Green Spaces

St. George Campus in summer

Looking south across campus

Quiet courtyards

University College, with the city behind

Donnelly Centre

The Donnelly Centre from College Street

Sculpture in front of Donnelly Centre

Approaching the Donnelly Centre

Ground level of the Donnelly Centre

Donnelly Centre administration offices

Donnelly Centre lobby; the facade of the existing building makes up the interior west wall

Busts of University of Toronto alumni who made notable contributions to Science and Medicine. In the Donnelly Centre lobby

The hallway on the 5th floor. Photo by Karin Imhof

12th floor eating area

Donnelly Centre stairs between the 12th and 13th floors

12th floor green space

Views of Toronto

This dramatic photo of lightning striking the CN Tower was taken in August 2009 by David He, from the 18th floor of the Chestnut Residence, University of Toronto (See photo on Flickr)

Looking over Queen's Park, towards Bloor Street

Looking east from the 12th floor of the Donnelly Centre

The view from the 12th floor of the Donnelly Centre, looking south-west towards Lake Ontario

Night view from Igor's office

The view south from Igor's office

Last modified on 28 July, 2016