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Stagljar Lab In the News

Links to articles commenting on our recently published discoveries and success.

The Croatian President visits the Stagljar lab

Igor and the Croatian President, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović

Igor with the Croatian President, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović

Read more here.

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Igor has been awarded the Zdravko Lorkovic Plaque for outstanding contributions to biology by the Croatian Biological Society

Igor is awarded Zdravko Lorkovic Plaque, 2016

Igor with the Zdravko Lorkovic Plaque

Read more here.

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Dr. Punit Saraon has been awarded a CIHR postdoctoral fellowship, to work on MaMTH-based screening for small molecule inhibitors of EGFR variants in lung cancer

Dr. Punit SaraonCIHR award letter

Punit with his Notice of Award

Read more here.

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Former postdoc Julia Petschnigg and Igor win University of Toronto Innovator of the Year, 2015, for Mammalian Membrane Two-Hybrid (MaMTH) technology

Igor and Julia win Inventor of the Year, 2015 Igor and Julia win Inventor of the Year, 2015

Inventor of the Year award

Read more here.

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Igor has been named a corresponding member of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts

Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts presented to Igor Stagljar Igor Stagljar ceremony at Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts

Left - Certificate; Top right - Professor Zvonko Kusicis congratulates Igor Stagljar at the Croatian Academy of Sciences
and Arts; Bottom right - Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts

Read the whole story on the Faculty of Medicine website.

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Nature Methods paper describing the development and power of the MaMTH technology

Our recent Nature Methods paper describing the development and power of the MaMTH technology:

"New technology sheds light on protein interactions, better lung cancer therapy"

“This technology gives us a new tool to examine membrane proteins in their natural environment of the human cell,” said Igor Stagljar, a professor in the Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research. “As well, it’s sensitive enough to detect minor changes upon introduction of drugs, so it should prove useful in the development of therapeutics, particularly for cancer and neurological diseases.”
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"Igor Stagljar dances with ABC transporters, step forward to cure cancer"

Crown, the Croatian World Network, reports on the achievements of the Stagljar Lab with research into the ABC transport system, 2013.

"ABC transporter proteins act as cellular gatekeepers by retaining nutrients and expelling toxins from the cell. If these proteins are not working properly, it can cause a number of diseases including: cystic fibrosis, age-related macular degeneration, Tangier disease, and Dubin-Johnson syndrome. ABC proteins can also cause cancer cells to reject chemotherapy drugs which makes treatment less effective."

Read the whole article on Crown, the Croatian World Network site.

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How disease-related proteins work; a "truly momentous" discovery

Discoveries at the Stagljar Lab were reported in the U of T News online magazine, July 2013

From the article:
Professor Igor Stagljar ... and his team have developed the first road map for an important group of proteins known as ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporter proteins.

"Our discovery shows how ABC transporter proteins affect cancer and other diseases, and this knowledge can help us develop better, more targeted drugs," said Stagljar. "This is truly momentous."

Read the whole article on the UofT News site.

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"Croatian Born Molecular Biologist Works Hard and Plays Hard in Canada"

Canadian Immigrant Magazine cover photo of Dr.Stagljar

Dr. Igor Stagljar on the cover of Canadian Immigrant Magazine, September 2012

Igor Stagljar was interviewed for the success cover story article “The Scientist to Watch” that appeared in the September 2012 edition of the Canadian Immigrant magazine. Download the printed article as a PDF or read online on

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“Innovative Science & Path to a Cure”

Interview with Dr. Igor Stagljar for the Madog in Motion Radio (2010) (2008) (2007)

About the 2009 Science Signaling paper in the Croatian News (Dec 19, 2010):

A research highlight regarding the Science Signaling paper in Nature Chemical Biology (2010) PDF

About CCBR (2010) PDF

About Igor in the Croatia Airlines in flight magazine (2009) PDF

About Igor's move to Canada from the Swiss newspaper Beobachter (2005) PDF

About the research in the Stagljar lab from The Scientist (2008) PDF

Article about The Donnelly Centre in the U of T Medicine Bulletin (2010) PDF

From the Canadian Press regarding the discovery in the field of Cystic Fibrosis (2008) PDF

From the Swiis Innovation Promotion Agency (2005) PDF

The experts talk about protein interactions - from Genome Technology (2007) PDF

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Movies from the Stagljar Lab

Igor Stagljar at Hrvatska Uzivo on Dec 8, 2009

One day in the Stagljar lab. Filmed by maestro Matt Chuk, a graduate student in the Stagljar lab. Nov-7-2008

About Igor Stagljar

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