After a career spanning more than four decades at the University of Toronto (beginning as an undergraduate student in 1968), Professor David Isenman decided to take early retirement. David’s former trainees, international collaborators and local colleagues gathered to celebrate

David graduated from the Biochemistry Specialist Program in 1972 and stayed on as a graduate student with Dr. Robert Painter, finishing his Ph.D. in 1976.  After post-doctoral fellowships at Scripps and the Weizmann, David returned to the Department as an MRC Scholar and Assistant Professor in 1979.  He was promoted to Associate Professor in 1984 and Full Professor in 1991.  A dedicated teacher, David won the Faculty of Medicine Aikins Teaching Award in 1996 and the Excellence in Life Science Undergraduate Teaching Award in 2006.   David served as Course Coordinator  for BCH471Y and JBI428H for many years, Graduate Coordinator from 1991-1993,  Acting Chair for 6 months in 2002,  Associate Chair from 2002 until 2008, and on numerous departmental and university committees.

David's research interests lie in structure-function studies of the complement system and he has published a steady stream of papers on this topic.  Following a successful sabbatical leave in 2010, David capped off his career with a co-authored paper in Science on the crystal structure of the complex between human complement receptor 2 and its ligand C3d, solving a 10-year controversy in the field.  (Read more at: )

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The David Isenman Symposium  June 6, 2011

Photos by David Williams